Tuner Evolution Daytona Beach 2016 Coverage

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Tuner Evolution has made a name for itself as one of the premier car show series’ in the nation over the last decade. This year for their tenth anniversary, Tuner Evo made their way south to sunny – and swelteringly hot – Daytona Beach for an unforgettable time.  The show was held at the Ocean Center just across the street from the ocean, housing over 300 of the best builds from all over the nation and some of the biggest names in the automotive industry like Toyo and Continental among many others.

 Words by Kevin Brown Photos by Thomas Cerenzia & Black

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A show of this caliber is so much more than just a collection of cars. For many in attendance, the experience began with a day of reuniting with close friends from all over the country, hitting the beach, cruising the picturesque main strip, and of course taking plenty of photos. The evening before the show, Rotiform hosted a pre-meet at a local sports bar where cars and their owners mingled in a laid-back atmosphere before the main event the next morning.

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As the sun broke over Daytona Beach on June 18th, cars began to line up and roll into the Ocean Center as well as the surrounding parking lot. As the owners put the finishing touches on cleaning their cars, you could just tell this was going to be a quality show. If you’ve been to a Tuner Evo show before then you know entertainment is a top priority. Between the R/C drift circuit, dance competition, rap battles, and bikini contest, this show did not fail to deliver.

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When the time came to hand out awards, we have no idea how the judges chose favorites from the sea of gorgeous cars. Somehow they managed, handing out trophies for a variety of different classes.

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The talented photographers Thomas Cerenzia and Justin Wright came together to bring you some of the highest quality coverage anywhere. Have a look through the photo gallery and enjoy!

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