Richard Mallard’s Bagged Audi S5


A few months ago I started following Richard Mallard on Instagram (better known as Vapingwithtwisted420) after being regular viewer of his Vape related reviews on YouTube. As I scrolled through his feed I saw a bagged Audi S5 and had the initial thought of “No way he’s guy is a car guy too? “ I found it mind blowing that i was oblivious to the fact he was in the scene after being a viewer for such a long time. When our photographer Perry Gilchrist let us know he had the opportunity to do a full shoot with him, we had to bring him onto the site for a full feature.

Photographer Perry Gilchrist


Richard had been in the market for a sprint blue Manual S5 for around 6 months before he finally found one and decided he wanted to build car he could daily and look back at as he walked away.  Twisted420 is not new to dropping things you can actually find montages and his regular viewers looking forward to him dropping products in his reviews as an ongoing joke his fan base has with him. When it came to dropping his 2010 Audi S5 he decided to go with the Airlift Performance Struts/ Bags and Accuair Management.

IMG_8267 When it came to aesthetics Richard decided to keep it simple since most of the parts where a bit on the wild side. With the S5 being is mid-level dream car, simplicity was important for him. He started with an RS5 grille and hideaway plate to clean up the front end.IMG_8280

They say third time is the charm and so was the case when it came to him choosing wheels.  Richard swapped out his Rohana’s for some Vip Modular’s to eventually ending up with his current set of Avant Garde M540’s cast wheels.


In the future Richard plans to go switch out his wheels for a set of three piece forged, and clean up the trunk with hardwood flooring and a sound system.IMG_8301 IMG_8304 IMG_8307 IMG_8308 IMG_8311 IMG_8314 IMG_8317 IMG_8320 IMG_8330 IMG_8342 IMG_8345