Street Spec| Matt Hamilton’s Meaty 03′ Honda S2000

Front Right Shot3

In 1999 Honda released arguably their best production car since the NSX was released in 1990. With one of the highest horsepower 2.0 naturally aspirated motors revving to 9000rpm the Honda S2000 (AP1) was a force to be reckoned with. 

Words by Antoine Borum | Photography by Thomas Cerenzia

Rear Shot

 Here we have Matt Hamilton from the Sunshine State with his 2003 Honda S2000.  Matt has always been a Honda guy at heart and before picking up his S2K it was either it or an ITR.  The well-known Evasive Motorsport’s S2000 was a huge inspiration when making this choice.  As we have seen at shows lately is that a lot of enthusiast are moving away from the track inspired builds and going to VIP styled builds.  This was one of the reasons Matt decided to go in the direction that he did.

Front Right Shot

Matt’s taste for quality parts are definitely shown in this build.  With his Voltex front bumper and his First Moldings rear diffuser from a Nissan S15 custom fitted to fit the S2000 chassis and AP2 rear bumper.

Rear Quarter Panel Shot

The first modifications to his S2K were Buddy Club Coilovers which Matt later upgraded to TIEN Circuit Master RA’s.  Which he paired with a larger list of suspension parts including J’s racing toe arms, SPC ball Joints front and rear, Wicked Tuning tie rod ends, and many more. Matt’s wheel selection was on par with the look he was going for with his Volk Racing Ce28Ns with a custom galaxy theme.  These wheels paired with his Rotora Big brakes compliments his Cusco Cage powder coated Royal Blue very nicely.

Front Wheel Shot

As every other car enthusiast knows you will always run into a problem when building a vehicle.  Matt is well versed in these problems especially with his engines modifications.  Whether it was relocating parts that happen to be in the way or fabricating parts that just wanted to be stubborn and not fit, he was determined to make it work and achieve his vision.

Matt s2k Roller 4

Being happy with the current stage the cars at Matt doesn’t have many regrets, the only one he could think of was getting the car painted Moon Rock Metallic. Be sure to lookout for Matt’s S2K this year because he has some new ideas which include TE37s, SOS Supercharger and more Voltex goodies.  He’ll also be concentrating more on his Integra that he owns.

S2k ProfitChild-16 copy

Matt would also like to thank everyone that has helped with this build since the beginning including Cesar Castillo, Josh Odom EXTREME-POWDERCOATERS, Reworks Scott Braham, and Chris Cham.Front ShotEngine Fender Wheel ShotMatt s2k Roller 3Side ShotTop Rear ShotWheel Shot 2Rear Quarter Panel Shot2Front Right Hood Open ShotEngine 2Front Hood Open S2k ProfitChild-11 copy S2k ProfitChild-22 copy S2k ProfitChild-24 copy