CLEAN & M3AN | Tinos Critzos’ Bagged M3


For many, cars are a fad; a trend that comes and goes with time. For few, they are a lifetime worth of memories and satisfactions. Much like the cousin and brother that both influenced and introduced him to the world of fine automobiles, Tinos Critzos and his e46 m3 are family.

Words by Paul Garno | Photography by Perry Gilchrist


As they say “family is forever”, and that certainly pertains to Tinos and his life-long infatuation with e46 m3’s. He has owned his car for well over four years and still has goals for it. That in and of itself is an achievement, most cars are ruined or sidelined by other projects by then. Matching the classic rules to live by, clean and mean, he says he would like to eventually be able to get some more meat to those already wide tires by adding a slight wide body.


If you couldn’t tell, or haven’t noticed by the looks of this beautiful beast, he is a fan of clean lines and fluidity. Following through, he wants to extend the body a bit further; rather than over-fenders or the classic 240sx “bolt-on special”.


That’s not all he is a fan of. As most would say, m3’s are quick to begin with. Welllll he is also interested in supercharging it; the perfect complement to complete the trifecta. It already looks great, it’s going to have great power, and coupled by it’s already equipped air ride, it drives great.











“Special thanks to Dustin Graham, and Prestige Annapolis LLC for helping me with nearly anything I needed.” – Constantinos Critzos