Travis VanAusdal’s “20th”


It’s uncommon these days for younger car owners to keep a car for very long. Whether it’s just “car ADD” or the urge to try something different, people all too often switch it up before their cars have reached their full potential. Travis VanAusdal (@thetravy) is not one of those people. He has been building this Gti for the better part of a decade, and has been a staple in the PNW Euro scene since before many of us had our licenses. I remember vividly seeing this exact car in a local grocery store parking lot when I was about 15 or 16 and being mesmerized by it.

Photography by Joshua Bloomfield & Words by Jordan Miller

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2 Sugoi | Jason Yuh’s Honda S2000

Jason's S2K (7 of 19) Jason Yuh fell in love with the sleek and stylish s2000 the moment he saw it; he had a vision in sight. When manifesting a plan that requires this much investment of funds, time, effort, and emotion, many of us end up forgetting that vision. Sacrifices are made, corners are cut, and in the end we are left with a perverted shadow of what we had intended. With casualty rates higher than ever, it is refreshing to know there are survivors out there who keep true to the mission.

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Richard Mallard’s Bagged Audi S5


A few months ago I started following Richard Mallard on Instagram (better known as Vapingwithtwisted420) after being regular viewer of his Vape related reviews on YouTube. As I scrolled through his feed I saw a bagged Audi S5 and had the initial thought of

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Angel Mendoza’s S13 Hatch


This amazing automobile is owned by a good friend of mine named Angel. I’ve known him now for a couple years, his in fact was the first 240 I ever shot and it has had quite the transformation since. It’s the perfect balance of looks and performance, the theme that all 240’s should be built upon.

Words & Photography by Jordan Miller

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Southern Worthersee | Part 2



With part one showing a broad range of what when on this year at SoWo through Thomas after movie, well slow things down and end it with Some clean and crisp coverage from our very own Daniel Sampaio who recently just joined the ls team.

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Stirring Emotions | Aaron’s Widebody TC


Breaking the internet is a term that recently has been over used to describe something that causes mass hysteria within our community. I see it all over the place a car gets new wheels or is lowered it’s considered to break the internet. To be honest it’s an eye roller since subtle things as mentioned are not the way you achieve this status of commotion. Now in Aaron’s case when you build a 2008 wide bodied TC with an amount of camber that can match the double digit negative offsets of his wheels, then it’s when you can start seeing the internet’s emotions stir.

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DEMONSEED | Robert Sia’s Aimgain FR-S

Robert (1) (1)

We sometimes come across a time we hesitate on making a decision in our builds.  The aftermarket support we have today on certain vehicles is vast and it can be overwhelming.  We pause and try to gather ourselves because of the uncertainty in the choice we have in front of us, but in the end what matters is “how bad do I want it?”

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SXYGEN | Justin Nishimura’s 2013 Hyundai Genesis


Rarely do you find a car enthusiast who has never thought about getting out of the car game.  Whether it’s because they’ve gotten older and think they need to grow up, or they think the scene isn’t what it used to be and countless other reasons.  Ninety percent of the time they always come back to this expensive lifestyle.

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