Wekfest Miami Coverage | Part 3

wekfest-225 copy

Last Part from our Wekfest Miami Coverage.

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Wekfest Miami Coverage | Part 2

wekfest-95 copy

Here’s the second part from Wekfest Event in Miami, Florida.

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Wekfest Miami Coverage | Part 1

wekfest-7 copy

I have never been to a Wekfest event before, I was finally able to this December. Compared to the other big events down here it was the best yet in my opinion. A lot of new builds came out to show off their hard work and dedication, especially from northern Florida and other states as well. That being said here’s my exclusive coverage brought to you by myself, Thomas Cerenzia. Enjoy.

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Simply Clean 6 Coverage | Part 2


We are back with the last and final update on our Simply Clean 6 photo coverage. Big thanks again to Thomas for getting over 200 shots for you guys to enjoy.

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Simply Clean 6 Coverage | Part 1


We have been hearing a lot  good things about simply clean 6 over the past few years. Regardless of who we would talk to their response was along the lines of “This is the one show you should come out to in florida.

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BLOX Evolution 2014 Coverage | Part 1

blox evolution 9

One of the biggest shows i have been looking forward to this year is BLOX, in the past it was known as Blox open house however this year they expanded it to a much larger location and made it a premium venue named BLOX Evolution. With over 500 cars and 60 vendors in attendance they set a big bold statement in the industry of things to come in the future. 

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When you hear the word Raceism a few unsure thoughts may go through your head, but let me fill you in if you’re not familiar with this group already. Raceism is an automotive group based out of Poland, who has gain and incredible amount of popularity in the last 3 years.  Unlike the sound of the word, the show they put on this year signified nothing but diversity from the euro and japanese builds and stance and time attack built cars that attended

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Stance Wars 2014 Coverage

IMG_0061 - Copy-1

Lately we have been focusing a lot on the NorthWest Region of the states and one of the fastest growing show series out there is their very own Stance Wars.  The event itself is simple combine Euro’s and Japanese imports into a multi level parking structure. The top is reserved for the top 100 most unique builds in accordance to the hosts, while the rest of the levels are filled by the other registrants

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