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Owner+Photographer: Swiper | | @therealswiper

Money Pit | Rejie’s 2006 Subaru WRX Wagon


“What’s the purpose of spending all your money on your car?”… That’s a phrase many of us are used to hearing in some form or another, and most of society would also look at us like we’re crazy when they hear how much some of us spend on our cars.

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Speed and Style | Reyn’s FRS


Build it, Race it, Break it, Fix it, Repeat.

It’s a lifestyle…an expensive one. Reyn’s story began in Hawaii drifting a 240sx, and if you have owned one and drifted you knows that it’s a money pit and unfortunately Reyn could never finish the build.

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Vision in Progress | Chris and Janna’s Lexus LS430


“People are always good company when they are doing what they really enjoy”

 That quote from Samuel Butler really explains the Car Scene.  It’s not always about the cars, that’s just what brings us together. We meet some of the most humble and some of the most arrogant people while building our dream cars. But what it’s really about is the friends we make while doing what we love.

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Offset Kings Hawaii 2014


For starters I’d like to say that this location is pretty amazing. While the roll in was filled with speed bumps as big as a dead body, making it pretty rough for a lot of the static guys (I saw a couple people get stuck on some of the speed bumps and had to get towed off), once you get through the front gate it’s nothing but blacktop as smooth as glass, palm trees everywhere,

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Simplicity | Jeff’s MkVI VW GTI


 C&S. Clean and Simple. Words that Jeff has always lived by when it comes to his VW’s and how he mods them. A style that we both share. So many times I’ve seen people go overboard on certain things: sometimes it’s stickers and sometimes it’s plastidip. Both of those things can be used in ways to help you stand out a little bit; however they can also be your demise.

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Lower Standards “TAKEOVER” Hawaii Meet Coverage | Pt. 1



 This last month has been crazy… And it all started when Cesar put this idea in my head to possibly throw a meet out here in Hawaii. So I got with the LS team out here, consisting of Elaine, TJ, and myself, and we went to work. We were so eager to get the ball rolling that we set the date for a mere four weeks away! I already knew exactly where I wanted the meet to take place so my first call was to Warren, the owner of Podium Raceway out in Kapolei. Warren was down before I even said the date! So for a lot of meets this is where the planning stops.

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Kanjozoku! | Brandon’s EG


If you guys have been closely following us here at Lower Standards, then you are aware that I’m always trying to keep the articles I write a little different than the norm. This one being no exception.

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