SERIALNINE: Gerard and Kevin’s Big Bodies


 When you’re modifying a chassis with low aftermarket support, the few companies you can count on are a godsend. The guys at Serialnine started the company with products that really helped out owners of some of the less common chassis around these parts. Focusing primarily on Toyota sedans, they took this corner of the market and really revolutionized it. They are considered some of the most “OG” guys in the local drifting scene and they really paved the way for others to follow, and they are some of the people behind the boom in drifting Cressidas in North America.

Photography Words by Jordan Miller

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Travis VanAusdal’s “20th”


It’s uncommon these days for younger car owners to keep a car for very long. Whether it’s just “car ADD” or the urge to try something different, people all too often switch it up before their cars have reached their full potential. Travis VanAusdal (@thetravy) is not one of those people. He has been building this Gti for the better part of a decade, and has been a staple in the PNW Euro scene since before many of us had our licenses. I remember vividly seeing this exact car in a local grocery store parking lot when I was about 15 or 16 and being mesmerized by it.

Photography by Joshua Bloomfield & Words by Jordan Miller

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Angel Mendoza’s S13 Hatch


This amazing automobile is owned by a good friend of mine named Angel. I’ve known him now for a couple years, his in fact was the first 240 I ever shot and it has had quite the transformation since. It’s the perfect balance of looks and performance, the theme that all 240’s should be built upon.

Words & Photography by Jordan Miller

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Trung Vu’s Bagged Scion TC

IMG_8548 - Copy-1

A couple weeks back I had the pleasure of shooting one of the PNW’s finest Scions. This TC is owned by a buddy of mine, Trung Vu (@trungasaurus_rex) and is a great example of the potential of the chassis. I had not been the biggest fan of these cars until recently with this car in particular having a lot to do with that.

The car was purchased  brand new out of necessity but he has since embraced what the TC has to offer and taken his own spin on things. Trung started out like most of us do with simple mods, like painting the OEM wheels (sorry! :D) and lowering it. He developed the “bug” and it later became a much bigger build.

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One LOW Wagon| Ben Kell’s 2006 WRX

IMG_7574 - Copy-1
This last weekend I had the pleasure of shooting one of the Pacific Northwest’s finest Subaru’s. It’s a 2006 WRX Wagon owned by Ben Kell (@bkell8) and to say he has taken very good care of it would be a vast understatement.

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