Southern Worthersee | Part 2



With part one showing a broad range of what when on this year at SoWo through Thomas after movie, well slow things down and end it with Some clean and crisp coverage from our very own Daniel Sampaio who recently just joined the ls team.

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Southern Worthersee 2015


Show Grounds SoWo-27


This year our very own Thomas Cerenzia had the privilege to stop by Southern Worthersee (SoWo) held in Helen, Georgia.  As of now we have all heard what went down at this event, it grew so big that the town itself could not accommodate everyone who attended the event. This led to a series of events that local authorities could not control and forcing this years SoWo to be the last one held in the town of Helen.

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Stirring Emotions | Aaron’s Widebody TC


Breaking the internet is a term that recently has been over used to describe something that causes mass hysteria within our community. I see it all over the place a car gets new wheels or is lowered it’s considered to break the internet. To be honest it’s an eye roller since subtle things as mentioned are not the way you achieve this status of commotion. Now in Aaron’s case when you build a 2008 wide bodied TC with an amount of camber that can match the double digit negative offsets of his wheels, then it’s when you can start seeing the internet’s emotions stir.

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DEMONSEED | Robert Sia’s Aimgain FR-S

Robert (1) (1)

We sometimes come across a time we hesitate on making a decision in our builds.  The aftermarket support we have today on certain vehicles is vast and it can be overwhelming.  We pause and try to gather ourselves because of the uncertainty in the choice we have in front of us, but in the end what matters is “how bad do I want it?”

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Perfect 370z

16947921820_cc309b7b1f_k (1)

Photo @konceptphotography Owner @dom_zee

Slammed Countach



Photographer Ron Celestine


Simple and Clean S2000



Photographer Robert Hernandez

That GTRS3 Rear end!



Source : Luong Photography