Stance Wars Las Vegas 2017 Coverage

Stancewars Las Vegas is a show we’ve been attending regularly every year since they first expanded to an out of state venue 3 years ago. What started out as a show with a handful vendors and a parking lot half empty has quickly grown to an internationally known event. The Founder Mike Tolliver’s concept behind the show is simple come out for the weekend to vegas party with friends and enjoy an easy paced car show that starts in the afternoon and goes on into the night.

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Dom Ferraro’s 2014 AIMGAIN 370z

Photographer Marcus Bolds 

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Aaron’s Static Civic Hatchback


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Wekfest San Jose 2016

IMG_0087Wekfest kicked off it’s annual home coming late last month in San Jose, as tradition we were there to cover it.

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OkeyDoke // Style Driven Coverage


A long time friend and founder of Okeydoke Brand Dustin Williams felt like his home state of Alabama lacked and event that was comparable to the gatherings he had recently visited in other states. His vision for Style Driven was to create and organized and quality focused venue to help Alabama’s car scene grow and inspire others to be more unique in their builds.

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Graduated // Eggie’s Bagged IS-F


Eggie: “After my build of a custom G35 coupe, I went through the Lexus brand IS cars (2006 IS350 matador red, 2009 IS250 Glacier Frost) and wanted to go another level up and the USB IS-F caught my eye. It started as a compromise with my finance as a stylish STOCK Daily Driver to a one of a kind car that takes up garage space.” 

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StanceWars Las Vegas // Event Coverage 2016


We had the privilege to make our way  out to StanceWars Las Vegas this year and it blew every one of our expectations. The show had drastically grown with the attendance of people from multiple states as well as the quality of the cars in the lot.

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Richard Mallard’s Bagged Audi S5


A few months ago I started following Richard Mallard on Instagram (better known as Vapingwithtwisted420) after being regular viewer of his Vape related reviews on YouTube. As I scrolled through his feed I saw a bagged Audi S5 and had the initial thought of

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