Wekfest Miami Coverage | Part 3

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Last Part from our Wekfest Miami Coverage.

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Wekfest Miami Coverage | Part 2

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Here’s the second part from Wekfest Event in Miami, Florida.

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Wekfest Miami Coverage | Part 1

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I have never been to a Wekfest event before, I was finally able to this December. Compared to the other big events down here it was the best yet in my opinion. A lot of new builds came out to show off their hard work and dedication, especially from northern Florida and other states as well. That being said here’s my exclusive coverage brought to you by myself, Thomas Cerenzia. Enjoy.

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Money Pit | Rejie’s 2006 Subaru WRX Wagon


“What’s the purpose of spending all your money on your car?”… That’s a phrase many of us are used to hearing in some form or another, and most of society would also look at us like we’re crazy when they hear how much some of us spend on our cars.

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Simply Clean 6 Coverage | Part 2


We are back with the last and final update on our Simply Clean 6 photo coverage. Big thanks again to Thomas for getting over 200 shots for you guys to enjoy.

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Simply Clean 6 Coverage | Part 1


We have been hearing a lot  good things about simply clean 6 over the past few years. Regardless of who we would talk to their response was along the lines of “This is the one show you should come out to in florida.

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Culture SxHOCK | Brad Perisich’s 1995 240sx


It’s nice to see not every Nissan being turned to an ever-so popular missile car. These cars deserve a chance to be more than that. There may be few, but they are out there. I’m talking about the people like Brad, who take the challenge and break the status quo.

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A Cut Above The Rest | Fernando’s Acura RSX


 Not often today do you see a car like this. I actually had a chance earlier this year in May to visit Orlando and see this work of art myself and I can personally tell you it’s an unforgettable build. But let’s dive in a little deeper to get a get a better understanding.

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