Wekfest San Jose 2014 | Coverage Part 2


one of the things i enjoyed this year about Wekfest San Jose was that there was more of a variety of cars this year.  What i’m referring to is more than just make and models.  This year Van Kulture really stepped it up and brought a whole fleet of Stanced and bagged vans, which is cool to see being we all eventually start a family.  Aside from the typical imports, there was a fair amount of domestics as well as exotics and high end cars we typically don’t see  at these type of shows.

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Wekfest San Jose 2014 | Coverage Part 1

IMG_0053 copy Wekfest San Jose kicked off last weekend and with it brought hundreds of California’s top quality builds as well as a few surprises from out of state.  This year we were fortunate enough to be participating in the show as a vendor along with a line up of cars from close friends we are tied with.  With very little sleep we headed out saturday morning to stage the cars and set up our booth.  It was experience we definitely won’t remember since we had never been a part of such a huge show and gave us an idea of how to prepare ourselves for the next event.

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Just the Beginning | Katelynn’s WRX



From year to year the game changes, people start to set boundaries and there comes a time when you have a decision to make. Do you choose to stay within your comfort zone, or do you take the road less traveled? Personally to me those build are the ones most intriguing, wouldn’t you agree? Well that’s exactly what Katelynn did.

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Leading The Pack | James’ Lancer GTS



“Daring to be different today, will allow you to be extraordinary tomorrow”

 I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know James Howell, prior to this feature. Upon, meeting him, I could tell even from across the country how much he appreciates the scene and everything that comes along with it. He’s show he is able to understand both spectrums of the scene, from the time and effort put into the build to the appreciation that comes after.

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Vision in Progress | Chris and Janna’s Lexus LS430


“People are always good company when they are doing what they really enjoy”

 That quote from Samuel Butler really explains the Car Scene.  It’s not always about the cars, that’s just what brings us together. We meet some of the most humble and some of the most arrogant people while building our dream cars. But what it’s really about is the friends we make while doing what we love.

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Offset Kings Washington Coverage



Recently Formula D passed through the state of washington along with the Offset kings series fatlace puts on. If you’re regular follower you would notice its a series we don’t miss out here in california.  It brings out a different type of enthusiast thanks to FD, yet it keeps the same overall theme of serious fitment oriented builds.  Jordan Miller  was able to bring us a good look of what went on at the Washington Offset Kings showcase so enjoy the photo coverage.

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BLOX Evolution 2014 Coverage | Part 1

blox evolution 9

One of the biggest shows i have been looking forward to this year is BLOX, in the past it was known as Blox open house however this year they expanded it to a much larger location and made it a premium venue named BLOX Evolution. With over 500 cars and 60 vendors in attendance they set a big bold statement in the industry of things to come in the future. 

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When you hear the word Raceism a few unsure thoughts may go through your head, but let me fill you in if you’re not familiar with this group already. Raceism is an automotive group based out of Poland, who has gain and incredible amount of popularity in the last 3 years.  Unlike the sound of the word, the show they put on this year signified nothing but diversity from the euro and japanese builds and stance and time attack built cars that attended

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