SXYGEN | Justin Nishimura’s 2013 Hyundai Genesis


Rarely do you find a car enthusiast who has never thought about getting out of the car game.  Whether it’s because they’ve gotten older and think they need to grow up, or they think the scene isn’t what it used to be and countless other reasons.  Ninety percent of the time they always come back to this expensive lifestyle.

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Golden Gardens 2015 Coverage


As the leaves turn and the show season vamps up, there’s no other event that sets the tone for what’s to come in the Pacific Northwest. Thousands of enthusiasts make their way to North Seattle to flaunt their builds and to enjoy one of the great spring openers the PNW has to offer.  Cast your sails because this show season is going to be a great one.

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Street Spec| Matt Hamilton’s Meaty 03′ Honda S2000

Front Right Shot3

In 1999 Honda released arguably their best production car since the NSX was released in 1990. With one of the highest horsepower 2.0 naturally aspirated motors revving to 9000rpm the Honda S2000 (AP1) was a force to be reckoned with. 

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Wekfest Miami Coverage | Part 3

wekfest-225 copy

Last Part from our Wekfest Miami Coverage.

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Wekfest Miami Coverage | Part 2

wekfest-95 copy

Here’s the second part from Wekfest Event in Miami, Florida.

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Wekfest Miami Coverage | Part 1

wekfest-7 copy

I have never been to a Wekfest event before, I was finally able to this December. Compared to the other big events down here it was the best yet in my opinion. A lot of new builds came out to show off their hard work and dedication, especially from northern Florida and other states as well. That being said here’s my exclusive coverage brought to you by myself, Thomas Cerenzia. Enjoy.

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Money Pit | Rejie’s 2006 Subaru WRX Wagon


“What’s the purpose of spending all your money on your car?”… That’s a phrase many of us are used to hearing in some form or another, and most of society would also look at us like we’re crazy when they hear how much some of us spend on our cars.

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Simply Clean 6 Coverage | Part 2


We are back with the last and final update on our Simply Clean 6 photo coverage. Big thanks again to Thomas for getting over 200 shots for you guys to enjoy.

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