Offset Kings Coverage 2014 Part 1


One of my favorite events in the year is Fatlace’s Slammed Society Show Case at Formula Drift Long Beach. Walking and hanging out on the Streets of long beachmake it a huge selling point for me.  This year they introduced the series with a new name, I figured i would do something new as well.  In the last 2 years i have read and heard a lot of comments of drivers being upset on why their car didn’t make it on the coverage on a certain site.

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Lower Standards “TAKEOVER” Hawaii Meet Coverage | Pt. 2


Two year’s ago if you would have ask me where i could see the type of state Lower Standards would be at, i would tell you i have no idea. To be honest i still don’t, its just a vague vision that is slowly becoming clearer.  With the help of the guys on the Island like Josh, TJ, and Elaine we put on a meet that blew all my expectations out the water. People had fun, and that was my main worry as we went about this, that it would be your typical come and go and forget about it.

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Simplicity | Jeff’s MkVI VW GTI


 C&S. Clean and Simple. Words that Jeff has always lived by when it comes to his VW’s and how he mods them. A style that we both share. So many times I’ve seen people go overboard on certain things: sometimes it’s stickers and sometimes it’s plastidip. Both of those things can be used in ways to help you stand out a little bit; however they can also be your demise.

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Lower Standards “TAKEOVER” Hawaii Meet Coverage | Pt. 1



 This last month has been crazy… And it all started when Cesar put this idea in my head to possibly throw a meet out here in Hawaii. So I got with the LS team out here, consisting of Elaine, TJ, and myself, and we went to work. We were so eager to get the ball rolling that we set the date for a mere four weeks away! I already knew exactly where I wanted the meet to take place so my first call was to Warren, the owner of Podium Raceway out in Kapolei. Warren was down before I even said the date! So for a lot of meets this is where the planning stops.

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Road Less Traveled | Andy Cao’s 2011 Camry


“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I — I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference,” timeless words spoken by Robert frost, also a common situation we often find ourselves in. With so many popular chassis out there with what seems like an endless aftermarket support, the choice of which car to go with is often predetermined by just that.

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Golden Garden’s 2014 Meet Coverage

IMG_8858-1 The annual spring Golden Gardens meet is somewhat of a tradition for people here in the Seattle car scene. It’s a chance for everyone to show off the cars that they spent all winter working on, but being spring in Seattle the chance of a rain is very high. Last year we lucked out and had great weather for this time of year, and as a result we had a record turnout.

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Angelo Chan’s Track Inspired FA5



So let’s take a step back in time, to when stance wasn’t the main scene.  Back when everyone would drive their cars to the track beat the hell out of it. Then pray to the racing Gods that they would be able to drive it home.  Angelo Chan’s FA5 is a fine example of the two combined into one. We all have a reason we purchase the car to build a lot of car enthusiasts’ daily drive their show car so it has to be reliable while still being able to break necks at the same time. 

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Import Face off Bakersfield 2014 Coverage Part 2


In case we missed you in the first post here is part 2 of the Import Face Off Bakersfield!

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