Trung Vu’s Bagged Scion TC

IMG_8548 - Copy-1

A couple weeks back I had the pleasure of shooting one of the PNW’s finest Scions. This TC is owned by a buddy of mine, Trung Vu (@trungasaurus_rex) and is a great example of the potential of the chassis. I had not been the biggest fan of these cars until recently with this car in particular having a lot to do with that.

The car was purchased  brand new out of necessity but he has since embraced what the TC has to offer and taken his own spin on things. Trung started out like most of us do with simple mods, like painting the OEM wheels (sorry! :D) and lowering it. He developed the “bug” and it later became a much bigger build.

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Baeton | Taylor’s 2004 Mazda3

DSC_2744 copy


“I chose a mazda3 because nobody at least in the PNW had touched one before. I like to be different so I thought this would be a reasonable choice for me.”

Not often do you see a car of this nature executed quite like this. Quite frankly, in the scene you don’t see many like this at all. Personally I haven’t even seen a Mazda3 so aggressive before having the pleasure of working with Taylor on this feature.

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Ingenuity | Jason Belina’s 87’ BMW 325is

e30-14 copy

 Even with the diversity you see in the scene, it’s getting harder and harder to set yourself apart from everyone else. It’s definitely not easy coming up with a build nobody has done before which is exactly what Jason wanted, a build he could do anything he wanted with. No limitations. No restrictions. There’s a lot more to every build than what you actually see, and the story behind this one is what really drew us in.

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Spocom Hawaii 2014 Coverage | Part 2



We are back with the last installment of photos from the recent spocom held in Hawaii.  Huge thanks to Elaine for getting in depth coverage of all the cars that came out this year. With so many new and fresh builds coming out you can expect to see a closer look into a few of these cars soon!

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Spocom Hawaii 2014 Coverage | Part 1



Spocom Hawaii kicked off this past August 24th with a lot of new flavor coming from the island, our good friend TJ was there to get you guys in inside look of the current new looks and builds out there.  We would like to thank everyone who was supporting LS and Tchun media at the event.

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One LOW Wagon| Ben Kell’s 2006 WRX

IMG_7574 - Copy-1
This last weekend I had the pleasure of shooting one of the Pacific Northwest’s finest Subaru’s. It’s a 2006 WRX Wagon owned by Ben Kell (@bkell8) and to say he has taken very good care of it would be a vast understatement.

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DankFest 2014 Coverage : A Proper Gathering

RR0A0951Four years ago i would’ve never imagined that this event would have the growth that has taken place. 4 years ago, my car was there but I was burying one of my best friends so I never saw the crowd or the cars they’re.  Well as we all know it did well for being in a super small spot. From that small spot we’ve grown and grown and this year was the best yet. 2k+ cars! We had 52 backed up. We had to turn away cars, The vendors made money, The vibes were amazing.

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Speed and Style | Reyn’s FRS


Build it, Race it, Break it, Fix it, Repeat.

It’s a lifestyle…an expensive one. Reyn’s story began in Hawaii drifting a 240sx, and if you have owned one and drifted you knows that it’s a money pit and unfortunately Reyn could never finish the build.

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